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Why Platforms Beat Tools: The Case for Strategic Thinking Around Security

Security teams everywhere are buried under an avalanche of tools, many of which perform a single function: firewalls, FIM, identity management, AV, SVA, encryption, etc. In fact, many security leaders I speak with are suffering from a malady known as … Read More


Enterprise visibility on the Halo® platform

The latest release of the upgraded Halo platform doesn’t just come with a slick new design. Key new features that give your business a well-rounded security experience (at DevOps speed) have been added to Halo, so you and your team … Read More


Docker and Enterprise Security: Establishing Best Practices

Virtualization containers, with their extraordinarily efficient hardware utilization, can be like a dream come true for development teams. While containerization will probably never entirely unseat VMs in enterprise application development and deployment, increasingly popular systems like Docker fulfill wishes on … Read More

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The Wall Won’t Work: Perimeter Shortcomings Require Moving Protection to the Workload

Guest blog by Johna Johnson, CEO and founder, Nemertes Research When we originally connected our enterprises to the Internet, we (as IT leaders) adopted a castle defense model. There was a single way into our protected space, and we put … Read More


Two Minutes of Advice on How to Make Your IT Department Run Faster

Guest blog by David Spark, Spark Media Solutions For developers and engineers who haven’t fully embraced DevOps, the IT department is often seen as a roadblock. Why do I have to fill out all these request forms? Why can’t I … Read More


In Just Two Minutes: A Barrage of Cloud Deployment Mistakes to Avoid

Guest blog by David Spark, Spark Media Solutions Moving to the cloud doesn’t always go as smoothly as you’d hope it to. At the 2015 AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, everyone I spoke to had deployed many times to … Read More


The End of Trusted Networks

Since the early days of the data center, the “trusted network” has been the heart of most corporate infrastructure security. Fast-forward 30 years and now there is no such thing as a trusted network anymore. Some security people cling to … Read More


Orchestrating Security in the Cloud: Shedding Light on IT Concerns, Trends, and Priorities

CloudPassage recently co-sponsored the report Orchestrating Security in the Cloud executed by the SANS Institute, surveying 485 IT and security professionals to gather data surrounding the most challenging issues faced by enterprises as they move workloads into cloud environments. The … Read More


New Enterprise-Grade Features Now Available in Halo

Today we are proud to announce significant new capabilities in Halo that make it faster and easier for enterprises to manage and protect critical IT infrastructure at scale. The new features give security teams the ability to move quickly between … Read More


Don’t Get Left Behind: How the Server Revolution is Transforming Traditional Security & 7 Best Practices to Move Faster

  Technology moves fast. In the case of server technology, it’s actually moved faster than we could name it. We’ve moved from physical servers to virtual servers to… well, a new kind of server—that sometimes isn’t a server. These latest-generation … Read More