The End of Trusted Networks

Since the early days of the data center, the “trusted network” has been the heart of most corporate infrastructure security. Fast-forward 30 years and now there is no such thing as a trusted network anymore. Some security people cling to … Read More


Orchestrating Security in the Cloud: Shedding Light on IT Concerns, Trends, and Priorities

CloudPassage recently co-sponsored the report Orchestrating Security in the Cloud executed by the SANS Institute, surveying 485 IT and security professionals to gather data surrounding the most challenging issues faced by enterprises as they move workloads into cloud environments. The … Read More


New Enterprise-Grade Features Now Available in Halo

Today we are proud to announce significant new capabilities in Halo that make it faster and easier for enterprises to manage and protect critical IT infrastructure at scale. The new features give security teams the ability to move quickly between … Read More


Don’t Get Left Behind: How the Server Revolution is Transforming Traditional Security & 7 Best Practices to Move Faster

  Technology moves fast. In the case of server technology, it’s actually moved faster than we could name it. We’ve moved from physical servers to virtual servers to… well, a new kind of server—that sometimes isn’t a server. These latest-generation … Read More


You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See: 7 Rules to Achieve Visibility in Virtual Infrastructure

The world is quickly moving to cloud computing and virtual infrastructure as a strategy to accelerate IT delivery and drive business agility. This movement is shifting the ground underneath security teams in a big way. These teams now need an … Read More

Security Breaks DevOps – Here’s How to Fix It

The concepts of communication, collaboration, abstraction, automation and orchestration are cornerstones of the rapidly growing DevOps movement. At the same time reliance on virtualized infrastructure and Infrastructure-as-a-Service has exploded, making manual provisioning and management simply not feasible anymore; it takes … Read More


Alternative Chains Certificate Forgery

On Thursday, July 9th the OpenSSL Project Team released a security advisory with the details and the patched versions of OpenSSL affected by the vulnerability called the “Alternative chains certificate forgery” (CVE-2015-1793). The team had announced on their OpenSSL-announce mailing … Read More

CloudPassage Halo Customer Reminder: IPv6 Firewall

We have noticed some cloud service providers that our customers are using are starting to implement IPv6 routing.  Their base cloud server images may include IPv6 configurations enabled by default. The CloudPassage Halo Firewall Management feature does not currently support … Read MoreRead More


CloudPassage Halo Now Detects the VENOM Vulnerability

This week a vulnerability, dubbed VENOM (CVE-2015-3456), was discovered in the floppy disk driver code of the hardware emulator and virtualization software called QEMU (Quick Emulator). This might sound otherwise pretty esoteric, but it just so happens that the QEMU … Read MoreRead More

Abandon the Perimeter

We’ve grown dependent on a perimeter.  Vendors build tools that have no security at all without a robust perimeter.  This term colors the way we as an industry think about security.  The assumption of a perimeter makes decisions for us, … Read MoreRead More